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Be a part of the Kothi’s history.

Built by Shri Maan Seth Kedar Mal Ladia.

Little is known about the man who originally built the Kothi. We do know his name was Shri Maan Seth Kedar Mal Ladia, and he was a businessman famous for importing pearls and other jewels in the time of the Silk Route. While his life story has been lost with the passing of time, some say they can feel his spirit still watching over the Kothi. And we still have a beautiful portrait of him which is on the walls of our reception area.

Brought back to life by Rajendra Singh Palawat.

Born and raised in Rajasthan, Rajendra “Raju” Singh Palawat moved to Mandawa in 2010 to escape the ever-increasing intensity of city life in Jaipur. In 2013, he discovered the Kothi, and decided it was his destiny to bring it back to life. A seasoned veteran of the travel industry and a serial entrepreneur, creating the Mandawa Kothi has become a labor of love for Raju. Through his travel agency, he loves to inspire the foreign tourists with the beauty and wonder of India. And now, he’s excited to extend that inspiration into hospitality… by sharing this peaceful place that Shri Maan Seth Kedar Mel Ladia built with you and your friends and family.

Snapshots of the 3-year renovation process.

After many years of neglect, the Kothi needed significant modernization and renovation. Using local labor for construction, painting and cleaning along with traditional techniques for making bricks and concrete… the kothi has been transformed from a pile of bricks to a warm, inspiring home away from home for you to come and stay!

Our Kothi is also a Movie Star

Maybe you saw the movies PK, Mirzia, or Bajrangi Bhaijaan? These movies and many others were set in Mandawa and show our beautiful haveli. Even Salman Khan spent time inside the Kothi in the first courtyard during the filming! Of course, he and Aamir Khan have open invitations to come and stay at the Kothi anytime.
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